The March

The crowds marching in Paris were enormous. A lovely day out in the city of lights in a world of darkness.  After all, there are around 10,000 children dead in Syria, thousands killed in Ukraine and countless people on the brink of starvation around the world at any given moment – yet it takes 12 cartoonists getting murdered by career criminals looking for their 15 minutes of fame to get people out into the streets.

And what has the subsequent conversation been?  Who were they – not those murdered mind you, but the ones who did it.  A criminal is a criminal, but a criminal flying a flag (regardless of whose cause it is) becomes a news byte and in a matter of seconds a household name.  So if you’re going to go around mindlessly killing people for goodness sake make sure you shift the motivation for it from yourself to whatever is hitting the airwaves at that given moment, otherwise you’re just another pathetic punk.

Ah yes, they all marched for free speech (except Obama of course – leader of the free world, right?).  Lets all unite and stand up for free speech – and of course against all that terror stuff too.  Lets sharpen those pencils and get to work bringing about world peace by belittling other people’s beliefs in the hopes of “starting a conversation” about the issues.

Don’t get me wrong, absolutely no one deserves to be murdered for any reason – beliefs, writings, whatever. But if I’m going to march for free speech, it’s going to be in the hopes of generating productive dialogues and not just gong with the status quo of feeding already thriving stereotypes. There are much better ways to utilize your voice in the world. Pens dipped in poison won’t save the world, and are very unlikely to make the blind see.  It’s not a time to laugh – too many are dead on all sides.  A joke or two – no matter what the motivation – isn’t going to make the world a safer place for my child or yours.  

People truly opening their eyes beyond their own self centered agendas to the needs of all around them, both friend and foe alike, will be the movement truly worth being a part of – lets start it.


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