Uniquely Us

As a species, we instinctively know the imprint of our own.  For example, if you were wandering about in a forest and suddenly came upon a series of tree parts lined up in a perfectly straight row tied together with string so as you can cross the river to the other side, you’d know it was another human who did it.  There is simply no other creature on the planet capable of such a creation.

That’s why it baffles me when people say, “I’m not creative, I can’t make anything.”  No, not everyone can build a bridge from tree scraps, but we as a species create things each and every day of our lives in varying degrees.

When you get up in the morning you put the toast in the toaster to transform it.  You are the one that puts tiny brown specs into a pot of water that you made boil in order to concoct a magic potion that will keep you awake for the next several hours at least.

As you leave your home which someone built out of materials that yet another person constructed based on another person’s design you get into a vehicle which is comprised of similar principles.  You then transport yourself to this and that place and go about your business.

I think you can well see my point and probably provide hundreds, if not thousands more examples than I have.  So never ever say that you can’t create things.  Even if it is not a Picasso, the way you conduct yourself and treat others transforms the world in which you live each and every day either materially or spiritually.  There is no creature on earth with a more far reaching capacity than ours for perpetual creation.  Lets be cognizant of it and use it to the best of our ability.


Led By “Likes”

Many years ago I started a Facebook page dedicated to music from a country other than my own.  I’ve never been to this country, nor do I speak their language.  I now have well over 5,000 members.

What started out as purely a musical interest on my part has unwittingly turned into a rather fascinating psychological case.  I post music videos from youtube – that’s it.  The way I find them is by typing the words “folk music” in their language.  I have no idea of the meanings of the songs I post, I simply post stuff I find pleasant from a musical perspective.

Despite not even understanding what I post, I rarely if ever lose a “like.”  Instead it has steadily grown year after year.  None of them realize that the page they are following is run by somebody who has absolutely no connection to their country whatsoever.

Occasionally they comment on a post.  It is typically along the lines of, “I love this song” – at least that is what google translate tells me.  They never ever ask questions either about the pieces or about who I am.  All I do is click I “like” their comments and we all march merrily on our way.

Don’t get me wrong, they are lovely people and I enjoy their culture very much.  I just think it’s a rather striking example of how people will follow anything – blindly and without question, just because other people are too.  It is very much a domino effect.

Admittedly it’s an innocent music group and I’m certainly not a despot in the making.  But still I think it illustrates the society in which we now live where it seems more and more rare that anything, even the most nominal things, are ever questioned.

It’s not even so much about following a specific person.  After all, even if you say you’re following an idea – that idea came from somewhere and in all likelihood someone.  Do you know who?

“Following the pack” has never been more realized than on social media.  These behavioral patterns will inevitably present themselves more and more in our lives offline as well.   Lets just hope that the person or ideas we’re all unquestioningly gravitating towards aren’t going to destroy us.