Being Indefinable

I’m a fan of the Russian writer Daniil Kharms.  A concept of his is the notion of the most perfect gift is something like a wooden stick with a wooden sphere attached to one end and a cube to the other.  It is useless – it communicates nothing symbolically, metaphorically etc.  Neither does it have the capacity for memory.  Completely useless, yet it is completely independent of everything definable on the planet.  It breaks the logical chain.  Nothing seeks it out and no effect is generated by its cause.

Admittedly there is no grandeur in seeking a life that is useless.  However, I must admit there is a certain appealing omnipotence to molding oneself into something utterly indefinable by anything more than two simple words – female human (in my case).  To be beyond definition, beyond the need to seek connection to the world around you.  Not needing to draw upon anything in your immediate surroundings, to be complete self generating in terms of emotional and intellectual fulfillment.  The only rupture in such an individualized world being perhaps the desire for others to see you as an example and follow suit.  Perhaps it is more or less the Buddhist concept of attempting to reach nirvana in a sense.  But one has to wonder if you can achieve utter independence then perhaps the opinions of others wouldn’t matter so much, materialism would become pointless and the world could become a less war torn mess.


5 thoughts on “Being Indefinable

  1. Em, doable. But boring. There’s nothing more interesting in life than other people. What a tedious life, existing alone would be. The universe is little more than physical material, stagnant but for it’s predictable changes.

    But if you mean to imply that one’s self-confidence shouldn’t be reliant on the opinions of others.. that depends on the situation. A fool should seek the opinions of others, as those opinions may benefit them. Perhaps, even, they are so foolish that their own judgments cannot be trusted. In that case, what better option would they have than finding a person who genuinely wishes to care for them – and staying in that person’s good graces?

    • Some people don’t crave the company of others and gain little to nothing from it. There is an entire history of solitary monasticism throughout the world that attests to just such a state of being.

      There is no such thing as a fool. That’s just labeling. Even if in someone’s opinion someone was a “fool” they are in no need of correction from a so called superior, or any less capable of finding their own happiness than anyone else.

  2. And yet here you are, proclaiming to the world how independent you are? Intelligence is no guarantee for sanity.

    And no, there are plenty of fools – most of humanity are fools, infact. You need only expose yourself to the real world to see that. Easily noticeable are those so simple-minded that they can’t handle the most of basic of tasks. If, however, you truly want to test your theory, wander yourself into the outskirts of a warzone. You’ll see components of human nature that even your thorough reasoning can’t explain.

    Or, be isolated, and keep making theories without evidence.

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