Lifting Rocks

You can throw a dart at a map and your chances of hitting upon an area with contention is more likely than not.  Whether it be all out wars, small skirmishes, elections or domestic strife within a single home, it seems unhappiness in varying degrees abounds these days.

In so many cases people are looking for solutions in all the wrong places.  Lifting random rocks has never been a pathway towards finding light.  Rare is the case in which shifting aside the rock allows the Messiah to get out and about to save the world from its self induced insanity.

Rocks are heavy for a reason, they’re not meant to be moved about.  Typically they contain elements that neither gain nor give benefit to what is above.

Throughout the corporate world I saw the worst of the worst rise to the top.  Turn on the TV and you see the exact same trend in governments throughout the world via elections, coups and the like.  And how many times have I seen friends marry the first thing they found after moving a rock for all the wrong reasons only to suffer a lifetime of tepid relations and in the worst cases outright abuse.

I don’t know what the solution is other than looking within and reaching to your neighbors to rationally try and comprehend and maneuver about an increasingly irrational world.  Only I beg you, don’t go about overturning rocks.


Accidents and Miracles

We are such an inquisitive species, we constantly question, review, analyze and attempt to anticipate practically everything.  When we have an accident, we typically chalk it up to being “a matter of course”, “fate”, or an unforeseeable interruption of an otherwise reasonably predictable life.  It is rare that we spend more than a moment, if that, analyzing what has befallen us.  When we trip, we get up and keep walking.  When we spill a drink, we clean it up and get a refill etc.

An accident is in essence a negative act.  Rarely life altering or life ending except in the most extreme circumstances, but an irritating interruption of routine nonetheless.  We don’t wish for accidents, we simply expect them to come about unexpectedly and then we move on without question.

So why do we so often react in disbelief when encountering a miracle?  When someone unexpectedly wakes from a coma or other life threatening situation – while we are overjoyed, we cannot explain it.  Our rational reasoning fails us and in delirious confusion we more often than not say God had a hand in it and that is that.  Yet for some the conundrum doesn’t end there, because what if you don’t believe in God?  That opens up yet another circular path trying to explain the unexplainable.

What is interesting is that we practically never search for reasons for the negative mishaps of our life, but spend endless amounts of time, for some entire lifetimes, trying to get to the bottom of positive accidents otherwise known as miracles.