Perspectives on Rejection

As most know, the reason we see color has to do with the colors in wavelengths of light.  When light hits an object the wavelength(s) that are rejected are what we perceive as the color.  We do not see those colors absorbed by the object.  So in essence the world as you perceive it is a collection of rejections.

It’s similar to the concept that when we look into a mirror we are not seeing are true selves but a reversed image.  Therefore, we never see ourselves as others see us.

What all this leads to is the interesting concept that we never see the world as it truly is.  When looking at an apple we’ll only see the color stream that is rejected from absorption – red.  How different would the world appear were we able to see not what is rejected, but what is absorbed?  It would lend new meaning to the old phrase, seeing the world through rose colored glasses.

How lovely would it be if we extended the concept further and instead of unquestioningly accepting surface “realities” that we try and see what is absorbed – what seeps into our innermost psyches that truly shapes who we are?

To reject everything is to appear white – a blank slate, a two dimensional personality if you will.  Yet to absorb everything is to appear black.  In a sense being plunged into darkness.  Perhaps the darkness of knowing too much.  After all too much reality, information overload, can lead to depression over where to start in making sense of it all.  I suppose the happiest medium is somewhere in the middle.  Giving and rejecting at will.  Absorbing and reflecting at random intervals in order to ignite the light within and to pass the torch to those passing by.