The New Bunker

The hallmarks of a typical bunker are that 1) you dig it yourself 2) it alters your worldview – in essence it buries it, literally.

So while I was at the park the other day noticing all the kids and adults alike with heads buried in their tablets and phones, it occurred to me that these are the modern day bunkers.

Purchased by choice, it allows one to dive into one’s own self constructed world.  After all you pick your apps, your friends, your wallpaper – everything.  It is a perfectly insular world in which if someone says something critical either about you personally or about an issue upon which you have an opinion – you can ban them from your sight – never to see or hear a word of dissent again.

You don’t see anything you don’t wish to see.  To actually encounter “the enemy” you would have to lift your eyes above the bunker and seek them out.  If, presumably, they are in a bunker too across the way – you would have to make an even grander effort by actually crawling out of the comfort of the womb into the unknown and trudge across the field by yourself to find them. Alone, because more than likely you are the only person who has made the effort to abandon the bunker.

You would likely encounter opinions and languages unfamiliar to you.  It would be an endless challenge with many rocky roads over previously unchartered territory.  Yet you and you alone have the ability to forge your own path.  When more and more people connect in a real, rather than artificial environment outside the bunker there may be peace, there may be war – but above all else it is pure, authentic, reality.


Plurals and Singulars

I find it interesting that out of the multitudes of very good people and very evil people – we often reduce their plurality to a few singular representations.  So for example out of the countless people who committed atrocities in WWII you practically never hear of any explicit name associated with carte blanche evil other than Hitler.  Out of all those involved in the movement for independence from India the only figure most can name is Gandhi.  For all those in America who marched for civil rights, practically none are nameable by most aside from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

(Those in between good and evil always seem to fall through the cracks of history or are shoved into either the good box or the bad box by those who would prefer an ill fitting box with a label as opposed to no label at all – the absence of a box being completely incomprehensible to civilization as we know it.)

It’s as if there is so much stimuli in the given world at any moment that our consciousness cannot effectively categorize and memorialize all around us on a continual basis without having to “dump some data” every now and then.

Most people cannot deal in pluralities very effectively even with the most conscientious effort.  Ironically, there are many cultures throughout the world that in terms of their mathematics only have words for 1,2,3 and then “many.”  They readily admit that anything beyond 3 is too cumbersome to digest. Yet the so called advanced societies have throughout history often labeled these very same communities as primitive.