Looking Through A Microscope

I dug an old microscope my father had out of the closet and set it up.  I went and collected some water from a local pond and slid it under the scope to have a look.  At first it was fascinating lifting the veil back on a world few of us ever explore.  Strange creatures with multiple feet and antennae appeared like manifestations from sci-fi novels.

The longer I gawked at the strange and unusual world beneath the scope a disturbing revelation set in.  The frequent spasms I was witnessing were the organisms gasping for breath.  I was in effect watching them writhe in agony, fighting for every last breath before being consumed by death.  A death that I had caused by meddling in a world to which I was an alien.  A world that I didn’t take the time to investigate and understand before disturbing its cocoon to satisfy my own selfish curiosity and insatiable appetite for something new to watch.

And yet even with this realization, I was still able to toss the water down the drain when I was bored and ready to do something else and simply walk away.


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