In times of turmoil people look for either anchors to stabilize them or prophets to inspire them.  Interestingly enough, they almost always turn to one of their own – another human.  With all the mayhem on the news these days I happened to glance out my window.  There is a tiny crack in the cement outside my home in which plant has been residing for so many years now I have lost count.

No one encased it there, sealing its fate.  (After all once planted a plant has no choice but to endure its life in the same spot come what may.)  Why on earth would it have chosen this small, crowded crevice in a sea of concrete.  No neighbors, no obvious food source – hardly an idyllic Eden.    And yet there it is unto this day.  It has endured countless rain storms, scorching sun, the occasional absent minded human crushing its arms with their feet and a plethora of passing ants and others who doubtless on occasion have taken a bite.  Even if I were to pluck it and place it in a vase on my table after such a barbarous act of forced displacement, even then – provided it was given nourishment, it would bloom for me without hesitation.

Although it never says anything, the fact that it awakens every single day without fail- unfurling its leaves in the unquestioned quest to survive, whatever a new day may bring, attests to the essence of “being” in its purest form.