While coining neologisms the other day I came up with the word “fauxion.”  A mixture of “faux” meaning fake and “fashion.”  There are many different layers to the concept.  The most basic and innocent being our attempts to alter our physical appearance in order to present an image to others that is not a true representation of ourselves.  Makeup, clothes, dying our hair, wearing a hat to cover baldness – all the basics of physicality.  Everyone knows it’s a perpetrated fraud yet there is no offense in it.

Fauxion extends beyond the purely physical though.  We all undergo multiple shifts in our personalities as the days progress and the audiences around us change.  You behave differently around your parents as opposed to your co-workers, to local shop keepers, to your lover.  Most of these changes are totally under our manipulative control, but of course the unconscious often enhances or sabotages even our best efforts – but that merits a lengthier discourse.

Lets face it, the majority of what we present to the world and what they in turn present to us – from people to products is little more than a well crafted lie.  Very little of what we see and experience on a daily basis from even those closest to us is true in the purest sense of the word.

For the most part we revel in self delusion and admire it in others.  No one likes to step off the carousel.  So what makes us step off?  What encourages us to put our glasses on (without rose tint naturally) so that we may more accurately assess the world around us?  It’s rarely an epiphany born of an unbridled desire to seek pure truth.  After all – every religion in the world is based on myths – the ultimate embodiment of fauxion – manipulations designed to elicit a sense of law, order and morality amongst an otherwise unruly group of animals.

Usually an epiphany is not born of light but of darkness.  If you gain that knowledge it’s not just a matter of personal enrichment – it gives you something that no one else has.  You’re the bearer of a secret(s) that is not privy to anyone else.  It’s the desire to get the upper hand over your own life and that of those around you – to find the wizard behind the curtain.  To in essence not leave it up to God to be the only one to know all the answers, but to be in on the big secrets yourself.  To basically become God yourself.  After all – what was created by us can be discarded by us as well.


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